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Thursday, April 22, 2010

DJ Steve Aoki a.k.a Kid Millionaire

Steve Aoki is a busy guy, concentrate on his own record label (Dim Mak), DJing at clubs, and producing other people’s and collaborating with other artist doing mixes music. And he certainly is collecting an eclectic group of friends along the way.

But on this 1st May, he will be busy with us Malaysian party people since this is the second time he came to do performing live at Ministry of Sound Euphoria at Sunway Pyramid.

I've been waiting for this opportunities because Im in the House with the legendary mixer Steve Aoki. Yahoooooooooooo !!!~~~~

"Warp 7.7" is my favourite song ever that Steve Aoki mix alongside with The Bloody Beetroots.
Wooot ~ Wooot

The latest news now are Steve Aoki is on the process of creating his new album while team up with

Weezer, Kid Cudi, Lil Jon. 

the artist are catagorise by hip-hop vocals, rock vocals, house vocals.

The new album will be interesting and i will download all the songs which will be created in this album.

 Even Lindsay Lohan wants to learn being a DJ with Master Steve Aoki !~

 Aoki has also become an accomplished painter and some of his album covers were designed by Steve himself. As example like this debut album drawing that were release on January 2008. 

I think Steve can be a cartunist after he quit being a DJ because he looks like an entertaint person. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

 This is the most favourite picture that i admire of Steve Aoki.....because i love the way he manage his CDJ and also the style of his finger played around his CDJ is so FAST and PERFECT !

Steve Aoki - I'm In The House featuring [[zuper blahq]]]

 Steve Aoki debut single were released last month March 2010. This single featuring [[zuper blahq]]] a.k.a Will.i.am from the international group Black Eyed Peas.

Who knows that [[Will.i.am]]] will use this nickname in the future,not only for this Steve Aoki single's.

 Last but not least, im proud that Steve Aoki still wish to come perform at Ministry of Sound-Euphoria Sunway  for the second time.

I hope that the party will be very grand and he also likes to come and make parties here again with us..


Wooooooot ~ Wooooooooot